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Founder & Owner.

Kevin. Age: 33  

Conceptualized in early 2016 and followed by a launch later that year, mini-me.co.za is founded and run by Kevin. He is known to wear many hats as you will see below, with copywriting not being one of them. Preferred communication method - Email.

Web Design/Development.

Kevin/Johann Age: 33/32

Together with his pal Johann, who resides in the small town of P.E & can generally be found in front of his laptop, fueled by low cost energy drinks.

Graphic Design.

Kevin. Age: 33

With a qualification in Graphic Design, Kevin is the one who makes sure your personalised text and custom messages on our plexiglas stands are absolutely perfect and not just an automated copy pasted message, with terrible spacing and layout like some other gifting websites 😉


Kevin. Age: 33

Kevin loves working with bloggers and influencer's to help spread the mini-me word, via trade exchange collaborations or paid promo. If you are interested in working with us in any way to help promote our awesome website and product, drop us a mail. info@mini-me.co.za

Stock Management.

Kevin. Age 33

Stock is sourced from multiple different Countries around the world as well as small local suppliers to offer Africa’s widest range of mini figure items. One of the toughest and demanding hats that Kevin wears. If a specific item is out of stock and you are wanting to know if and when there will be new stock, feel free to drop him a mail. sales@mini-me.co.za

Customer Support

Kevin. Age: 33

Kevin is known to be a bit of a perfectionist with a slight case of OCD, so you can rest assured your orders are created, assembled and shipped off to you with the most care and in record time. If however there is an issue with your order, our website, or anything you want assistance with, drop him a mail and he will be more than happy to don his customer care hat and assist you.