How Does It Work


Whether you are obsessed with LEGO® or don’t know the difference between a Torso & Headgear,..
This is the quick guide to & everything you need to know about creating your mini-me!

Browse the 1000’s of categorised items on our website and simply add them to your CART. We usually suggest you start
at the top of your figure ( Hair/Headgear ) and work your way down, using the CART as a visual builder for your Mini-Me.

Finally choose and customize your stand for that truly awesome and unique touch or simply go with a basic ( but epic! ) no text option stand.







Hit CHECKOUT, choose one of the easy options to pay and then await speedy delivery of your Unique & Personalised Mini-Me.
You will receive a unique tracking number for your package via email within 24 hrs. ( Usually much quicker! )

Figures comes fully assembled and packaged but you are free to reassemble as you please.

(When ordering multiple figures you are requested to mark which items go together in the designated area on the CHECKOUT page.)